From Hobby to Business

Turn your Hobby into a Successful Business

Over the years I have met many interesting people who have been on my workshops to spend a happy, fun day with me making soap, moisturisers, cleansers and perfumes. Many of these have gone on to make skincare products at home for friends and family, designing packaging and labels and some now want to turn their hobby into a successful business.

When I first started Aroma Natural rules were not quite so strict and it was easier to make and sell products, however, things have changed and become more regulated. It can be very daunting and you can be left floundering not knowing which way to turn - which recipes work, the best place to buy ingredients, how to price products ad what products sell.

If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and want to get it right from the begining the tips below might just help.

1. Discover your strengths : When you play to your strengths you not only succeed but you will enjoy the journey.

2. Define your goals : When you know where you want to go and plan a path to get there you are already on the road to success.

3. Clear the route : Time management abd delegation will allow you to operate at full capacity with total efficiency.

4. Build a brilliantly unique brand : Learn how to make your brand speak for itself and directly to the people who will appreciate it most and become your customers.

5. Have a perfectly defined range : Some products sell and some don't. Learn what is hot and trendy and what is not.

6. Be legal : Learn all youy need to know about product and labelling legal compliance and Trading Standards.

7. Find resources and equipment : You will be astounded how much time and money you can save by buying the right ingredients from the right people.

8. Knowing what to charge : Costing correctly is key to a successful business. Do it wrong in the beginning and you could have a failed business.

9. Packaging : This should speak directly to your target market and should tell them what they want to hear. Learn how to choose the right packaging and where the cool customer goes to buy it. The correct packaging can make a customer pick the product up and buy, the wrong packaging can make a customer walk on by.

10. Find your route to market : Establish a marketing plan that will work for you right now. Explore marketing concepts that will suit your lifestyle.

11. Get everyone talking about your products : The right word in the right place and your products will easily find themselves on the 'must have' list.

12. Become a super star sales person : Learn how to deliver exactly what customers really want. Learn about sales tricks and buyers agendas.

13. Get visible : Find cool ideas to get you noticed.

14. Learn to think ahead : Plan for your growth. Learn what might be on trend next year. Find out what celebrities are buying.

15. Become an authority : Never stop learning about different products and why they work and sell. Learn about ingredients and why they are good for your customer. Learn, learn, learn.

Enjoy the beginning of your new business venture, get it right at the start and you to could soon be the new skincare business on everyones lips.

Join me on a One to One Business Councelling workshop for the day and I could help you become the new name on the High Street.

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