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Easy to Make Baby Wet Wipes

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

I watched a program on TV the other day about all the wet wipes that were being used and what an enormous problem they are causing.

These wipes are blocking drains, causing sewers to block and erupt and polluting seas and rivers. An enormous amount of money is being spent just to pull all of these wipes out of the systems as they do not break down - even though most have 'flushable' written on the packaging!


I have always hated baby wipes - mums (and dads) use these awful things to clean the most tenderest part of their babies skin i.e. little bottoms and faces. How many babies now seem to cry when they have their nappies changed?

I know I had my babies many years ago but they all loved to have their nappies changed and would lie happily kicking their little legs and all I would use was warm water and cotton wool!

How about making your own wet wipes, they are very easy to do and very cheap. All you need is a very absorbent kitchen roll, some lavender water and witch hazel. Cut the kitchen roll squares in half. Soak the squares in the lavender and witch hazel and place in a plastic container with lid. Use when needed.

If you don't want the bother of cutting and soaking the paper squares you could cut muslin into squares and use these but they would need to be washed.

As for washing faces go back to using flannels or muslin squares and water.

A lovely soothing balm can also be used on babys' bottom wiped on and off using a cotton wool pad. This would also provide a great barrier against the skin and nappy.


Rather than use a wipe just use a cleansing balm or cleansing milk on your skin. Wipe of using a damp cotton wool pad. Even plain coconut oil is great for removing make-up.


Again, rather than use wet wipes instead of toilet paper, use the method above but do not flush kitchen roll down the toilet, place in a bin.


Kitchen roll soaked in lemon and tea tree essential oil. Wipe around the seat and the rim of the toilet. Throw used paper in the bin.

If you still must use these awful wipes please dispose of them in the bin rather thank flush them down the toilet.

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