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Diane Viall - Aroma Natural

"I would love everyone to ditch the harmful chemicals in their life, try natural, organic to ensure a healthy mind, body & soul"

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Each workshop will be from 10.00am - 3.00pm in the farmhouse in Hindringham

If you have school children you can start or finish at a different time


Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 - 2 SPACES

Saturday, June 13th, 2015 - 3 SPACES

You will learn the basics of making cold pressed soap

Learn what equipment is needed

Health & Safety needed to make the soap

Use sodium hydroxide and essential oils

How to line a mould

Where to buy your ingredients

Decorating soaps

Cutting and storing soap

At least 8 bars of your very own soap will be posted to you after 1-2 weeks

Refreshments and light lunch

Take home your own How to Make Cold Pressed Soap folder

Soap Recipes

CONTACT ME  to book your place

A deposit is required on booking and the balance

before the day







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Our massage oil has been voted

1 of the top 10 massage oils by

The Independent



Testimonial from one of our lovely customers

Testimonial - Sue Gale

"I'm really not usually moved to write about products I buy but yours are quite special. I didn't mention that my husband,
who's been involved in farming environment and drainage all his working life, and hence has been outside in the elements
for many years has had problems with the skin on his face. He was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells and has had to take
great care to protect his face especially from sun.  It presents itself like psoriasis, quite red and angry sometimes. He's got
used to using sun protection and a hat but this only goes part of the way because he still has rather unsightly patches on
his forehead.  He started using your daily moisturiser because his prescription ointment ran out - the difference was quite
dramatic.  It lost the redness and he says it doesn't feel half as tight and itchy.  It certainly looks smoother and calmer. 
I'm delighted as I've always been concerned about him using cortisone cream on his face as I believe it thins the skin which
leads to other problems. So you cansee, one more reason to be delighted with Aroma Natural!"
Thankyou Sue








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