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Baby Soap

Soft and Gentle

This is a really gentle soap that is safe for baby, sensitive skin. The bubbles are small, creamy and rich and the soap can be left unscented if using on very young babies or a small amount of Lavender essential oil can be added to aid restful sleeping.

Ingredients :

359g Olive Oil

328g Coconut oil

125g Shea Butter

125g Cocoa Butter

309g spring or distilled water

140g Sodium Hydroxide

2 Chamomile Tea Bags

5g Carrot seed oil

Mould(s) that will hold over 1lt

To Make :

Boil the water and add the two Chamomile tea bags. Allow to cool and remove tea bags.

Place the oils and butters in a double burner and melt over low heat. Remove from heat and place into the container you are using to make the soap.

Wearing gloves and goggles add the Sodium Hydroxide to the container of cold Chamomile water and stir until dissolved. Place container into iced water.

Place a thermometer into both the oils/butters and the lye. When both thermometers reach a temperature of between 90 and 110F, pour the lye solution into the container with oils/butters – stir well.

Using a stick blender, blend together until mixture reaches trace.

Add the carrot seed and essential oils and stir well.

Pour into mould(s).

Cover with blanket.

Leave to set for 24hrs.

Remove from mould(s) and cure for six weeks.

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