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Best Business Start Up Tips

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Ladies in a business meeting
Business Meeting

It can be exciting to start your own business but also it can be very daunting, so below I have tried to show you the best business start up tips that helped me when I started Aroma Natural as a retail business.

You are your brand and your business is all about you so tell your story of who you are and why you want to start or have started your cosmetic, beauty business.

Know your products inside out and know why you wish to make and sell them. Have a clear idea of your range of products and stick to what will sell, stop selling any product which fails to sell well - even if it's a favourite of yours.

Discover your strengths and work with them so not only will you succeed you will enjoy your journey to.

Learn about all the ingredients you will be using and why you want to use them. For example if a customer asks you why your product contains a certain ingredient be ready to explain it fully i.e. how it works on your skin, the benefits it gives your skin, why is it better than other ingredients etc.

Build a brilliantly unique brand and learn how to make your brand speak for itself and directly to the people who will most appreciate it.

Be legal. Learn about Cosmetic Safety Assessments, legal compliance, Government requirements online, labelling and Trading Standards.

Price your products correctly from the beginning. This is key to your business and your business success.

Establish a marketing plan that will work for you and your products. How will you sell your products i.e. website, market stalls, shops etc. Work out which will suit you and your business best.

Take time to think about your packaging and how it will speak to your target market. It should tell them what they want to hear.

Get everyone talking about your products and why they should be using them.

Become that special sales person, the go to person when they are looking for beauty products. Be able to answer any of your customers questions.

Define your goal - where do you want your business to go. Once you know this off you go and get there.

Finally, enjoy every moment of your business and if you find you lack motivation at any time remember why you started your business in the first place. Have a friend or relative that you can talk to or bounce ideas around with. Joining a networking group in your area can be a great help.

If you need any further help please go to

Have fun

x Diane

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