Creamy Coconut Soap

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Easy to make Creamy Coconut Soap

Ingredients :

750g Coconut Oil (solid) 250g Coco Butter 300g Water 167g Sodium Hydroxide

To Make :

Melt coconut oil and coco butter in a double burner. Add sodium hydroxide to the water and stir. Place into a bowl of very cold water as soon as possible. Remove butters from the heat and cool. Cool both the butters and lye to a temperature of between 90-110F. When this temperature is reached stir the lye into the melted butters. Using a stick whisk blend together until a trace is achieved. At this point you can either leave it as it is or you can add your perfumes. Pour into your mould and leave overnight to set.

NB These recipes are written for those of you who have either attended a workshop of mine or already know how to make cold-pressed soap.

These ingredients make a bar of soft, creamy soap that is really mild and gentle on the skin. Try it on your face and you will be surprised how it feels.

Happy soap making

x Diane

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