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Cool Summer Face Spray Recipe

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Cooling your skin in summer
Summer Face Spray

This year has seen lots of hot weather with temperatures set to rise in the next few days. It's really easy to make a gorgeous cooling face spray that you can even pop into your handbag.

The recipe below contains the Cucumber Glycerite that we made in my last blog, you can use other glycerites like water melon which is also great and may help your skin in the sun.

If you think you will use your spray quickly or you only make a small amount you might be able to leave out the preservative - this will obviously shorten the use by date and might only last for a few days if kept in the fridge.

96% Rose Hydrolsol

3% Cucumber Glycerite

1% Preservative - Hydroacetic Acid & Benzyl Alcohol or other Broad Spectrum one

Combine all ingredients and pour into a clean bottle with spray nozzle.

Shake well before use.

Can be used all over your body to.

Other hydrosols like Orange Blossom or Lavender can be used or how about combining one or more together.

Keep refrigerated so your Cool Summer Face Spray keeps cold until used.

Keep cool this hot summer.

x Diane


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