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Exfoliating Scrubs

Make your own facial scrub

New skin cells are being created in the inner layers of the dermis all the time and as they form they push the dead cells to the outer layer - the epidermis.

These dead skin cells do eventually get dislodged and fall off but some are left behind for longer periods giving your complexion a dull, rough look and can even clog pores leading to skin blemishes and even acne.

To keep your skin looking radiant and healthy it's a great idea to exfoliate occasionally to help the dead skin cells fall completely away, remembering to do your face as well as your body. Using an abrasive cleanser all over your skin reveals the healthy looking new layer and stimulates circulation helping the oxygen to flow in the blood, so encouraging new cell growth.

Areas to Exfoliate

Face : Here we need to use a gentle scrub due to the tender area, especially around the eyes. Choose oils/butters that will readily absorb into the skin and are good for this area.

Body : Any scrub is really ideal for your body, although women should take care and use a gentle scrub on the breast area.

Feet : Scrubs are ideal on the feet to help with hard skin. An ingredient like pumice would be a great ingredient.

Ingredients :

Scrubs can be made of numerous things, you just need 'particles' suspended in skincare that turns it into an abrasive product :

Salt, Sugar, Pumice, Oatmeal, Bamboo powder, Crushed nut shells, Jojoba beads, Ground coffee beans.

Making Scrubs

They can be made with water or without. Usually, when making skincare a preservative is required when water is added, however, as scrubs are usually used in the bathroom and with wet fingers it is advisable to use a preservative even if water is not present when made.

Scrubs can be very simple to make - salt added to an oil - or more complex such as making a lotion and adding your abrasive ingredient. You can even be adventurous and add dried flowers.

Once made place your scrub in a container with a lid.


Quick and Easy Foot Scrub :

100g Fine Salt

10g Pumice

Few drops of essential oil i.e. lemon, tea tree, peppermint

To Make : Mix together salt and pumice and add a few drops of essential oil.

Mud Scrub :

100g Dead Sea Salt

10g Clay

25g Grapeseed Oil

Few drops of essential oils i.e. lavender, lemon, orange or lemongrass

To Make : Add the dead sea salt to the clay. Add the essential oil to the grapeseed oil and add this to the sea salt and clay.

Sugar Scrub :

25g Shea Butter

10g Coconut Oil

15g Grapeseed Oil

60g Brown Sugar

Few drops essential oils i.e. lavender, rose

To Make : Soften shea butter and coconut oil and beat together. Add the brown sugar and essential oils and thoroughly mix together.

Shower Scrub Bars :

55g Cocoa Butter

15g Shea Butter

14g Apricot Oil

14g Beeswax

100g Dead Sea Salt

10 drops Lavender essential oil

3 drops Rose essential oil

To Make : Melt the butters and beeswaz together. Add the aprcot oil. When cooled a bit add the essential oils and then add the dead sea salt. Do not have your ingredients to hot when adding the dead sea salt as it will start to melt! Pour into moulds and freeze. You can keep them in the freezer or fridge and just use one at a time.

Enjoy making your scrubs.


Diane - Aroma Natural xx

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