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Himalayan Pink Salt Soap

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Gorgeous to look at and gorgeous to use.

Himalayan Pink Salt Soap

A lovely customer who came on a Soapmaking Workshop had a wish to make soap using Himalayan pink salt but the 'science' side of working out the oils/butters and lye scared her.

I had never used salt in my cold pressed soap, so ever up for a challenge I said I would work out the amounts using the ingredients she loved, make it, try it and hand the recipe over to her.

As the salt would alter the lather I decided to superfat by 5%.

For anyone who does not know what 'superfatting' is I'll explain simply - its the percentage of oils/butters that is not saponified i.e. not blended together with the lye. It is added AFTER trace at the same time you add essential oils, fragrances, honey, oatmeal etc. However, unlike essential oils etc. it will alter the amount of sodium hydroxide and water you use.


Coconut Oil x 328g Olive Oil x 328g Shea butter x 281g

Lye x 133g

Water x 309g

Superfat - Coconut oil x 45g Himalayan pink salt x 200g - can be up to 50% of total weight.


Melt coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil together. Cool to a temperature between 32-43C (90-110F)

Stir sodium hydroxide into water. Place into iced water to cool to a temperature between 32-43C (90-110F)

Pour lye into oils/butters and blend until trace is achieved.

Melt the 45g coconut oil and stir well into the mixture. At this point stir in your extras i.e. salt and essential oils. Leave some salt to decorate the top of your soap.

Pour into your mould. Sprinkle salt onto the top.

Leave in mould at least overnight. Cure for 6-10 weeks before using.

N.B. I have assumed here that the recipe will be used by those of you who have attended my workshop or have a knowledge of how to make cold pressed soap.

It makes a really pretty soap and makes a fantastic shower soap.


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