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How to make Natural Soap

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

How to make bars of soap
Make your own Soap

All over the papers and television we are all being encouraged to ditch plastic to help our wonderful planet. What better way to do this than to make your own soap! In this blog I will show you how to make natural soap which you will love using.

Making soap is fun, therapeutic and very, very satisfying. You do not have to buy expensive equipment most of it can be found in your kitchen cupboards, even the moulds you can make yourself very easily. The ingredients are easily sourced on the internet and even in supermarkets and they do not cost huge amounts.

You can make your soap really simple or really difficult, the choice is yours. I liken it to making cakes, you can make a simple sponge cake or you can turn that sponge cake into a decorated, fancy birthday cake.

The next step is to package it and again let your imagination run riot - wrap it, design and make a box, use string, ribbons, botanicals, make your own label - above all have fun. These bars of soap make gorgeous presents and gifts that everyone would love to receive.

Have a look at the video below and make your very own soap :

If you find learning from a video too difficult, please think about booking on to the soapmaking workshops and spend a day having fun with me.

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