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Recipe for a Simple Body Lotion

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Recipe for Body Lotion
Body Lotion

Treat your skin to a simple body lotion that uses only a few natural ingredients and is ideal for a beginner to start with yet provides your skin with nutrient packed goodness.

Scroll down for the Body Lotion Recipe.

Simple Body Lotion Recipe

Stage One - Oil Phase

5% Sunflower Oil

5% Shea Butter

3% Emulsifying Wax - BTMS25

Stage Two - Water Phase

79% Distilled Water

5% Glycerine

Stage Three - Cooling Phase

1% Vit E

1% Broad Spectrum Preservative

1% Essential Oils of your choice

Total 100%

Weigh out your Stage One into a heatproof container, place in a double burner or bain marie and melt.

Weigh out your Stage Two into a heatproof container and heat in a microwave, double burner or bain marie.

Allow Stage One and Stage Two to cool to 75-80c

Using a stick blender, whizz Stage Two until frothy and then gradually, slowly pour the Stage One into the water, try not to create too many bubbles.

Allow your lotion to cool to under 40c and add your Stage Three, stirring well.

Pour your lotion into a clean jar and label.

Your simple body lotion will be ready to use after 24hrs.


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