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Make the Best Winter Moisturiser

Moisturiser for winter
Face Cream

When thinking about the colder weather you might like to consider learning how to make the best winter moisturiser which protects skin from harsh winds, cold temperatures and central heating. Adding perhaps a few more oils/butters which can help protect, condition and enrich your skin with extra vitamins and minerals can help skin damaged by the summer sun. In this recipe I have used Mango Butter which is rich in Vit C, reduces environmental damage, packed with antioxidents and softens the skin. By adding essential oils like Rose, Frankincense or Geranium you can enhance your moisturiser even more. Please remember to only use up to 1% essential oils on a leave on product.

The Best Winter Moisturiser Recipe

Stage One - Oils Phase

Coconut Oil - refined 5%

Sunflower Oil 5%

Shea Butter 5%

Mango Butter 5%

Olive Oil 5%

BTMS25 6%

Stage Two - Water Phase

Distilled Water 64%

Glycerine 3%

Stage Three - Cooling Stage

Broad Spectrum Preserv 1%

Vit E 0.5%

Essential Oils 0.5%

Total 100%

Melt Stage One to between 75-80C

Heat Stage Two to between 75-80C

Gradually pour Stage One into Stage Two blending continuously

Allow to cool to below 40C

Add Stage Three and stir well

Put your moisturiser into clean jars with lids

This thick, creamy moisturiser is great for not only your face but also your body and is ideal as a night time cream for face and neck.

Enjoy making and using this Winter Moisturiser.

x Diane

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