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Online Soap Making Course

Working from home
Learn in the comfort of your own home

I have many students spending the day with me learning how to make cold-pressed soap, some love group sessions and some prefer to have a One to One with me, however, some people can not travel to North Norfolk easily, so for these students I have created the perfect way for them to learn with me - Online Soap Making Course

Using extensive tutorials and step by step videos this three module course can be completed in your own home as and when you like - no time limit. I will be holding your hand all the way through just as if you were standing with me in my kitchen in rural Norfolk, using emails, WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype if you prefer.

A Mini Course is also available for only £5.99. This will give you lots of information on all the oils/butters that you can use in your skincare and soaps and why they are great to use, information on essential oils, what they can do for your skin and how to use them and last but not least lots of lovely recipes that you can easily make in your kitchen.

The Online Soap Making Course contains everything we cover in the workshops held in my kitchen. At the end of this course you will be confident in using Sodium Hydroxide, blending to trace, adding essential oils, choosing oils/butters, formulating soap recipes to suit your skin, packaging and even the best reputable companies to use. It's easier than you think.

Module One

Brief history of soap making

Basic chemistry of soap making

Health and Safety


Oils/Butters - INS Value

Formulating a recipe

Moulds and lining options plus video

Essential Oils

Module Two

Complete video on making soap from start to finish

Preparation of lye and oils/butters



Understand trace - tutorial and video

Adding essential oils

Pouring into moulds

Module Three

Understand insulating and gel stage


Soda ashing

Cutting and Storing

Wrapping and packaging

Useful addresses

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