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Why are Oats Good for Your Skin

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

All oats, whether they are porridge oats, oatmeal or colloidal oats are fantastic in all types of skincare products and have been used for centuries.

They can be used in soaps, lotions, creams, face masks, shampoos, conditioners and bath products.

Benefits of Oats

. Rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and lipids.

. Contains flavonoids which are strong UVA protectors.

. Contains saponins which gently cleansers the skin. Saponins are a group of chemical

compounds found naturally in certain plants that produce an antibacterial soap like


. Helps to keep skin hydrated.

. Moisturisers and improves dryness.

. The anti-oxidants can benefit aging skin by helping to reverse the damage done by UV

rays, pollution and harsh chemicals.

. A gentle exfollient, even suitable for the face and other sensitive areas. It will help

remove dead skin cells.

. Suitable for all skin and hair types, especially sensitive and problem skin like acne,

eczema and psoriasis.

. Can help to absorb excess oils in the skin which could result in an outbreak of acne.

. Soothes skin irritation and sunburn.

. Useful as a quick dry shampoo. Mix colloidal oats with sodium bicarbonate and

sprinkle into the hair, leave for a while and thoroughly brush out.

. Mild and gentle enough to be used on baby skin.

. Inexpensive and very obtainable.

. Hypoallergenic.

NB - small amounts of people are allergic to oats so if you are unsure do a patch test first. Mix the oats with water to form a paste and rub onto a small area on your arm. Leave for 5 mins and wash off. If you react in any way do not use oats as you might be allergic to them.

. Easy to store and keep.

Using oats in skincare


SOAP - There are various ways in which oats can be used in your soap but the easiest and probably the most popular way is in the form of oatmeal which can be course or fine. Once your soap batter has been made you can just add the oatmeal and stir well into the mixture. This will make a really gentle, exfolliating soap.

SKINCARE - Easy to add to body scrubs, lotions and creams etc. Ideal for adding to face masks.

BATH PRODUCTS - Pour some oatmeal into a small muslin bag and hang on the hot tap. Allow the water to soak through the oatmeal as it goes into your bath.

Colloidal Oats

These are quite simply whole oats that have been finely milled to a powder. You can buy colloidal oats from your health shop or you can easily make them yourself by putting porridge oats into a grinder or blender until the powder is produced.

SOAP - The powder can be added to your soap batter like the oatmeal or you can add it to the water element before you add sodium hyrdroxide.

SKINCARE - If you are making a cream or lotion colloidal oats can be added to the water element of your production.

SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER - Add the colloidal oats to the water element of your production.

BATH PRODUCTS - For bubble or foam bath products add the colloidal oats to the water element. For bath salts or bath soak add the colloidal oats and mix with the other ingredients.

Oat Milk

This is a lovely way to use oats in your soap or skincare products. You can buy oat milk from your health shop or supermarket but sometimes these have added ingredients like sugar. Making your own is far better and is really simple to do and will be much cheaper than buying ready made.

Ingredients :

192g x Water

64g x Porridge Oats

To Make :

Put all the ingredients into your blender. Blend for about 20-30 secs or until all the oats have broken down into the water. You should end up with a lovely milky product.

There is no need to strain the product if you are using it in your soap or skincare products but if you wish to drink it I suggest straining to get rid of any bits.

SOAP - Use the oat milk as your liquid element.

SKINCARE - Use the oat milk as your liquid element or part of.

SHAMPOO and CONDITIONERS - Use the oat milk as your water element or part of.

BATH PRODUCTS - Can be used directly into your bath water as a bath milk. For bubble or foam bath replace some or all of your water with oat milk. Other ingredients can be added to your bath as well i.e. dead sea salt, epsom salts, botanical etc.

If you would like to try oats in your soap making book onto the Level Two course so you can have a play around and have fun with them.

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